Driving Capital

Active Advisory – Creating Capital and Securing Rights

Our Offices are dedicated to identifying and executing upon opportunities for active investment in public and private companies thru contributing and sharing intellectual capital, relational capital and know-how for individuals, families and new or existing businesses.  We utilize qualitative analyses, logic and reasoning within the professional services of law and active advisory of management and consulting to create customized, innovative legal, business, and planning solutions and opportunities. From Energy to Consumer Goods, Real Estate to Trusts and Estates and Succession Planning to Business Execution, we secure individual and entity rights in tangible and intangible assets by infusing business and financial acumen with the law to both realize and monetize terms and conditions.

In addition to investments, our Offices provide extensive in-person, remote Professional Services and Managerial Services, including fractional and interim services within the realms of both personal rights and business rights by applying law, intellectual capital and technology upon personal, intellectual and real properties, creating design-build-operate models for structure and execution. We deploy new business methods, joint ventures, finance and investments within the fields of law, business, succession, management, planning, real estate, software and technologies for the legal, managerial and operational components of personal assets, business assets, products and services, to deliver original, tailor-made solutions for companies and individuals to become better – we design, build and deploy our professional services-based solutions to create opportunities for asset owners, investments and external companies.

Within the world of articulating and securing rights, capital and properties for the individual and the business, we deploy our unique intangible assets of knowledge capital, know-how and advisory consulting to create design-build-operate services, methods and models within a multitude of areas including real estate, estates, finance, investment, management, succession, planning, construction, software, energy, renewables and complementary technologies, utilizing our novel concepts fused with unique, qualitative operational know-how to deliver innovative solutions to bolster and transform human capital applied to individuals, businesses, projects and services.

The true worth of each individual and each business is coupled with intangible assets that are first identified, then examined, so as to unearth previously under-utilized, un-utilized or un-discovered products, services and the human talent of individuals to create new opportunities to challenge existing paradigms. We seek individuals, businesses and projects for articulation of rights, investment, finance and joint ventures that are ready, willing and able to allow for the infusion of knowledge and know-how applied thru critical thinking, caring and creativity coupled with injections of strong intellectual capital and relational capital – this Culture leads directly to true innovation and creation of opportunities leading to real value for the investment, the entity and for the individual.

We are focused upon strategic and operational opportunities within the United States and in Canada, with some global activities in Latin America, Europe, Japan, as we access and engage talented individuals and manufactured products and businesses to drive and build a more resilient future thru combinations of system-based models, methods and methodologies, as we engage in the creation and development of strong projects in real estate, innovative manufactured products and in multiple businesses, all for use within projects, joint ventures, and family and employee-owned companies.

We first begin with research of the domain.  Then, we engage in multiple analyses of the industry, business, product or service of the target company. This enables us to then design and develop various pieces to re-constitute and re-build the business from the outside-in.  After this phase, we then engage in the execution of operations, maintenance and growth of the various lines of business of the target.

Our Model is that of an entrepreneur, executive and advisor delivering artful approaches and angles to create multiple opportunities within public and private investments via utilizing an active, qualitative, concentrated approach in which we add value by being active, rather than activist, operationally, strategically and within the execution of the business by identifying opportunities which come from our new perspectives and inherent gap-filling capabilities.

From ideation to execution, we bring together multiple commercial capabilities, specializing in identification, management and exploitation of both tangible and intangible assets thru various approaches to drive, create and realize true value.

Recognizing and engaging with both tangible and intangible assets of intellectual capital, including human intellect, is crucial to enable business transformation. We are non-conformist not for the sake of it, but rather, to deliver and execute real results.  This is the mantra of our style, with which we set the tone for investment and execution.

We are inherently anti-financial engineering, as our abilities to deliver real, substantive initiatives are borne out in our results.  This does not mean we will not use novel approaches of business combinations to trigger change in control that drop present values to the balance sheet, rather, we embrace this type of engineering because it delivers real balance sheet additions.

The services provided are clearly based upon the supply-side, as they are rooted within the actual quality of time, rather than the blunt measurement of amount of time.  Instant insight is within the supply-side delivery of this qualitative offering.

We seek to drive deals comprised of capital contributions and operational development opportunities, bolstered by our multi-factor business methods, models and services, driven by product and services design and delivery of capital contributions in development of many facets of real estate, construction, energy, renewables, consumer products, software, technologies, data, finance and risk, as discovered within high-potential investments, entities and individuals.

We are driven by our quest for truth in uncovering opportunities and engaging in solutions to transform our investments for the good of shareholders and all stakeholders throughout North America and the throughout the World.

A Proven Collaborative Strategy

Identifying and driving synergies between all stakeholders, including employers, employees, joint venture partners, co-investors, customers and suppliers, whether established or new businesses. Deconstruction-to-reconstruction is yet another method we use for ultimate realization of value. Our powerful injection of knowledge capital leads to true value creation that builds and unlocks value, while mitigating a multitude of defined and undefined risks, as we contribute and share know-how to drive performance and execution of businesses for all stakeholders, to create new value.

We have diverse experience and expertise that allow our deployments of powerful strategic, tactical and operational capital to work hand-in-hand with joint venturers, operators, families, management, co-investors, suppliers and customers of both existing and new entities seeking to drive better execution and performance.

In the world of all businesses, including family and employee-owned businesses, individuals with specific domain knowledge and know-how within those businesses are coupled with our external know-how and direct capital contributions, allowing for a dynamism of integrated skills and strong relationships, leading to the leveraging of know-how and experience for shared success and new value for all Stakeholders.

Active Advisory Operators

 True Value Creation

We drive real Value Creation by spawning a Culture that creates and shares the intellectual components of business design via a re-architecture of projects, products and services to then drive the building of such products and services by a) the deconstruction of the product or service, and then b) the implementation of strategic and operational changes, re-building and improvement of the product or service so as to deliver brand-new worth, which constitutes durable, sustained, competitive advantage for long-term value creation for the internal stakeholders, suppliers, and most notably, for the end-user customers.

 A Culture of Doing

We deploy a hands-on approach, grounded upon a Culture of Doing, recognizing both reality and contribution, as we are driven by substance over process and a mastery of business and legal design and systems-based thinking, as implemented into operations, as we serve as active players and venture operators within established and new businesses, executing solutions within the various components of projects, products, services and businesses.

Value Plus

At the heart of our value creation is the identification and re-deployment of all existing tangible and intangible assets.  We then inject “value plus” contributions of knowledge capital and monied capital, as we execute rigorous qualitative-quantitative and competitive-comparative analyses via critical thinking and multi-faceted domain knowledge applied through our independent, external eyes, so as to make both the individual and entity better.

Dynamic Solutions Mapped to Risks and Benefits

Real, dynamic, value-added cross-domain knowledge and know-how of entrepreneurial strategies, models, tactics, and operations are combined with innovative products/services-based solutions which are then mapped to specific, defined risks that are then mapped to the ensuing benefits of increased revenues, cost reductions, and higher valuations, as are then further mapped to qualitative elements of durable competitive advantage and sustainability, to create exceptional returns.  The successful performance of businesses and investments is driven by the artful, multi-domain expertise of design/build/operate models with qualitative factors, coupled with the requisite edge and focus upon problem-solving and opportunity discovery, all driven by the independence of true, unencumbered thought diversity.



We engage in an honest humanity in our dealings with businesses, individuals and all stakeholders – this is consistent with our Culture. We engender and share strong relationships based upon trust, fairness and contribution, which then serves to create the structural underpinnings of the human relationships of the employers, employees and stakeholders within companies, leading to out-sized results in both business and investment performance, driven first by the stakeholder principles of strong, solid Governance within a novel, custom-built framework of durable, competitive advantage for sustainability of the present and the future.

Due Diligence and Trust

Trust but verify, via qualitative and quantitative due diligence.  We look thru multiple prisms via multiple angles to recognize actual sight-lines, so as to gain true comprehension of our subject matter, individual, entity, product or service – only then do we apply our capital, experience and know-how, to make the individual, entity or asset better – for all constituents.

The Shamon Family Office

Joseph J. Shamon, Jr., Esq. serves as Lead Investor of the Shamon Family Office, and has diverse, hands-on experience in global entrepreneurship, advisory, real estate and  management within a horizontal breadth of domains, in public and private entities.

 Joseph J. Shamon, Investor Emeritus, In Memoriam: 10/17/26 – 4/25/20, he was born at the advent of the Great Depression, served in WWII, taken from us during the Pandemic.  In his honor, we shall invest capital in both select companies and select humans, always integrating our various forms of capital with his human qualities of Caring and Giving, along with his abilities as a self-made Investor and Wholesaler, to create shared success and real value for each and every stakeholder within each investment.

Richard J. Shamon is an Investor of equities and fixed income investments, known for tempering risk with solid income investment know-how, leading to strong results.

Determined to create better investment outcomes, the Shamon Family Office was founded to identify, invest and drive the value of each investment thru research and dynamic interactions built upon the facets of multi-domain knowledge and experience, never loosing sight of what constitutes value in all contexts, by viewing unadulterated facts as reality, our sights are set upon actual, real opportunities. This is our personality, our persona.  It leads us to U.S. and global investments, with a dynamism of purpose to make the company and the human better.

The Shamon Family Office undertakes a continuous search for values-based individuals, and  value-based products, services and entities, from family-based to venture-based to more mature operating businesses, assets and humans, we invest and deploy powerful forms and types of capital so as to build each investment into much more than merely its present state, via the diversity of human thought and the diversity of human talent.

It is our mantra of value creation – identify, invest and build for the good of all stakeholders.