Investing To Build Success

Develop a Path

Creating a path to successful investments means engaging in regular, consistent purposeful research of information and interaction with many constituents within the investment:  Co-investors, C-Level, Boards and the Management must be engaged to ensure transparency of operations and ensuing performance and execution.

Exploring and utilizing the similar business language of Investors and Management can serve as a strong “in -the-trenches” cultural bond between the investors and the company ‘s management’s team, ultimately leading to clear decisions and higher returns.

Throughout the entire world, identifying a culture within a company which an Investor can work with in a creative and artful manner, can be a rewarding and profitable undertaking for all stakeholders.   


Purposeful Dialogue

To accomplish this, a solid dialogue pre-investment must ensue, with clear agreed-upon structure of roles and responsibilities, mapped and assigned.  A real commitment to engage in the ever-iterative process of operations and performance improvement must be committed to, driven by an inclusive cultural working style that engages in the push-pull of support and challenge by and thru questioning and ultimately, thru influencing, for a stronger investment.

Comprehensive Culture

A cultural realization must occur within those who possess authority or control of the entity to have any real chance of true value creation for the investment. Without it, there is no cohesion and hence, no out-sized investment performance.

Real expertise must be present in various complementary areas.  We then bind together this know-how with the assets, functions and principles of the entity to create a culture of behavioral norms that is open, safe, transparent, honest and trusting.  Those behavioral norms must value both open and structured debate, hard work, respect, support and caring – this, of course, informs and builds people and their confidence to speak the truth in any circumstance, leading to high performance of the investment.


Driving Trust

Driving the ensuing communicative connections allows for a foundation of trust to be built, crucial for then engaging with a human to collaborate on a mutual endeavor, while continuing to prove oneself every step of the way, constantly strengthening that foundational trust, which then blossoms into the strongest form of capital – irreplaceable, relational human capital, for all investments.